7 Trendy Office/ Guest Room Ideas to Save Space

Are you looking for unique ways to make your guest room standout?

If so, you aren't alone! While the average bedroom is 219 square feet, one only needs to be 70 square feet to be legally considered a "bedroom". 

Whether you have a guest room or one that doubles as an office, your use of space is the key to the enjoyment of you and your guests.

Read on to learn about 7 trendy guest room ideas to save space!

1. Add a Futon Sleeper

A Futon is a stylish and effective way to make the best use of space in your guest room.

Futons can convert from a couch to a bed in a matter of seconds. Your guests can enjoy the convenience of sitting on a couch during the day while extending out the Futon for a bed at night.

After your guests wake up in the morning, a Futon will fold-up to give your guests space to sit and relax while they prepare for their day. 

2. Install Wood Shelves

Wooden shelves are a great way for you to store things in your guest room while creating more space.

These stylish shelves can be stained in numerous different shades to find the color that matches your decor. 

When you are deciding on the size of your shelves, consider the ways that your guests will use them and what will be stored on top when they aren't there.

3. Under The Bed Storage

Your guest room will benefit from storage units installed under the bed.

Although you can use simple plastic containers, some people choose to lift the bed and build custom storage units out of wood. These can be painted to complement the other items in the guest room.

You can also use these storage containers to create more space in a small guest bedroom while displaying belongings like books in a unique way.

4. Use a Closet Organization System 

Among the most useful small guest bedroom ideas is the installation of a custom closet organization system.

Have you ever taken some time to look at how clothes and other items are stored in your closet?

If so, you may have noticed that your closet does not make the best use of space. A custom closet organization system will be created with the maximum use of space in mind.

Besides helping you and your guests' store belongings, it also gives your room an organized appearance. 

5. Try Cubicle Storage as a Headboard

Cubicle storage is a stylish way to organize your things while also giving your guests a place to put their stuff, too.

Although cubicle storage is often used on walls that are opposite a bed, a fun twist is to install these storage units as your headboard. 

Putting these cubicles behind your bed allows you to store things behind it while also saving space and make your room unique.

6. Re-Arrange Your Desk

When your guest room is short on space, re-arranging your desk can be a great way to create more.

It's common to see a desk stored in a corner or along a wall in guest rooms, but placing your desk at the foot of your bed can open up your floor plan.

That's because your desk will be a natural extension of your bed and will give your guests an easier path to traverse while staying in the room. 

7. Bedside Table as a Desk

Bedside tables are a useful addition to any guest room but have you ever considering using it for more than one purpose?

A bedside table can double as a desk to help you make more efficient use of your space. 

Before you buy or build your bedside table, consider how much space you will need for a desk.

Keeping things simple with your desk design will help you to have what you need without more.

Wrapping Up: The Best Guest Room Ideas

The best guest room ideas will be the ones that help your guests feel comfortable while visiting your home.

When you are brainstorming ways to improve your guest room, consider how your guests will use the space and what you will do with the room when no one is visiting. 

Are you looking for other ways to make your home a better place to live?

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