3 Amazing Guest Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

Are your guests sleeping on the couch? Are you making them squeeze into a tiny room? Are they miserable coming to your house?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, keep reading. You need to hear out guest bed ideas for small spaces.

We're here to help you figure out to accommodate your guest the way that they deserve. Treat your guest like the royalty they are with these small guest bedroom ideas.

Guest Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

The key to working small spaces in your favor is to double up on their purpose. For example, you can double your guest room as your office, workout room, sunroom, or family room.

Your preference for space will depend on what rooms you want in your home. However, no matter what you choose, there are multiple options for you to choose from.

1. Murphy Beds Cabinets

Murphy beds are a great way to combine storage and bedding into one unit. These kinds of beds have numerous kinds of drawers and storage-savers around the frame of the bed.

With this combination, you can forget about needing to fit a dresser into your guest bedroom. You may not even need to worry about leaving any closet space. Use that space for more storage.

We have four high end mattresses to choose from which fold up into a cabinet.

When you don't have a guest over, the bed can transform into a cabinet. Then, the rest of the room is yours for whatever you want.

2. Wallbeds

Wallbeds are those cool and mysterious beds that come down from the wall. You may have seen these in small apartments or comedic television shows.

Wallbeds can be brought down when your guests are visiting. When they're gone, you can push the bed up and it magically disappears into the wall behind a couple of doors.

If a wallbed is more your style, we offer wallbeds and custom cabinetry. You can choose which style is best for your space.

3. Futons and Convertible Sleepers

Futons and convertible sleepers are great for turning beds into couches and vice versa.

Our futons are great in any room and easily turn into beds. This furniture is more casual and comes in many colors and patterns.

Our convertible sleepers are more formal but still give the ease of futons. Convertible sleepers look like regular couches, but they can transform into a bed in just a few steps.

The difference between futons and convertible beds are few but significant. 

Ordering Your Space-Saving Bed

If you're feeling cramped in your home, we hope you enjoyed our guest bed ideas for small spaces. It's time to take advantage of these great bed designs and order your favorite now.

Here at Comfort Zone, we have all of these beds and more. We pride ourselves on customer service and have a 5-star Google Review from our previous happy customers.

Feel free to look through our full catalog to find the best bed for your small guest room.