Office or Guest Room? Why Not Both?

According to recent surveys, 74% of individuals between the ages of 18-74 are working from home. Unfortunately, over 50% of those individuals have found themselves without a proper home office.
Before teleworking was common, the extra bedroom in most homes was reserved for guests. Now, homeowners are having to re-purpose those rooms or find additional office space. What if I told you there was an easier option?
Keep reading to learn all about murphy bed cabinets, a convertible furniture piece that will give you the home office AND guest room you need.

Murphy Bed Cabinet

So, what is a murphy bed cabinet?
A murphy bed cabinet is a dual functioning piece of furniture and a creative solution for multi-purpose rooms. By day, it's a stylish cabinet that offers extra storage space. At night, pull out a comfortable mattress from within and it becomes another sleeping space.
This makes it the perfect addition to your spare room.
You can keep up the appearance of a standard office throughout the week, set up with a desk, computer, and other essential furnishings. Then, when you're expecting company, all you need to do is open your cabinet and you've seamlessly transformed your office into an extra bedroom.
The murphy bed is a flexible tool that allows you to maximize your space. If you're not already intrigued, let me tell you about the set-up, style, and comfort benefits!


The murphy bed has simple instructions for easy set-up!
The cabinet has a bottom drawer that extends out. On either side of the cabinet, there will be latches you'll have to release. Then, you'll gradually unfold the front of the cabinet to provide structural support for the mattress.
After that, all that's left to do is pull out the mattress and dress it with the appropriately sized sheets and comforter.


When investing in a murphy bed, some homeowners are concerned about matching it with other furniture, as well as how comfortable it will be for their guests.
Fortunately, there are several finishing options and frames available. You can get a cabinet in cherry, dark chocolate, stonewash, and even a softer brushed driftwood option for a beach cottage feel. The extent of styles makes it easy to choose a cabinet color that will blend with any design scheme or furniture.
Certain cabinet styles offer power plug and nightstand additions depending on your needs.   


Many adults remember nights in college when they'd crash on a friend's futon, only to wake the next morning with discomfort and pain.
The murphy bed is much better more comfortable than your ordinary futon. They are built to support memory foam mattresses that mold to your body and provides superior comfort and support. Some memory foam mattresses offer temperature control with cooling features.
These mattresses can fold easily into the cabinet without the need for metal bars, and come in a standard queen size.

Start Saving Space NOW

Trying to decide between a home office and a guest room can be difficult for homeowners. Either option seems like a necessity. Don't waste any more time trying to decide, because you can have BOTH.
All you have to do is invest in a murphy bed cabinet. Start browsing our selection here to find the perfect style for you.