Perks of Having a Murphy Bed Cabinet: Not Just a Space Saver

Living in a small space with nowhere to entertain out of town guests?
Do you want to downsize but still feel like you can have people visit for more than just a day? Then a murphy bed cabinet might be the right solution for you!
Murphy beds have been around for over 100 years. And while most people know them to be a practical way to save space in small places, they were still big bulky furniture pieces that were difficult to use.
Now with the modern, updated murphy bed cabinet, saving space won’t be the only reason you will want one for your home. Keep reading to discover the other top reasons.

A Murphy Bed Cabinet Is:


As more people downsize and interest in tiny homes continues to grow, people need to utilize all of the space in their homes every day. No more taking up entire rooms for guest bedrooms that mostly sit empty and are only used a few times a year.
With a murphy bed cabinet, you can easily change the function of any room in a matter of minutes and instantly turn your workout area, den, dining room, or living room into a guest bedroom.
A beautifully crafted, solid wood murphy bed cabinet complements the décor of a room while it discretely stores the spare bed. With multiple colors and designs, you can find a piece to match your decorating style. 
The top of the cabinet offers display space day-to-day while the pull out drawer holds the bedding.
And unlike traditional murphy bed frames that require full use of the wall for storage, the murphy bed cabinet is a great solution for rooms with low ceilings! 


The murphy bed cabinet is economical because it’s not a part of the structure of the home. So, when you decide to move it moves with you and continues to provide value in every home you live in.
And, it’s perfect for rentals as it allows you extra sleeping space without causing permanent damage to walls or floors. One less excuse for the landlord to hold your deposit!


Living single is on the rise and there isn’t always someone around to help set things up and take things down. The ease and simplicity of the murphy bed cabinet let you transform the room by yourself in just a couple of minutes. 


In smaller rooms, it can be difficult to maneuver around traditional sized beds and there’s a good chance you could hurt yourself by walking into or tripping on a large piece of furniture. But with the murphy bed cabinet, you can easily put the bed away and open up enough space to let you move safely around the room without worries.
Plus, the cabinet is a freestanding piece of furniture. So you don’t have to worry and wonder if everything is secured to the wall properly, it stands safely and securely on its own.

The Perfect Solution

Whether you’re downsizing or just starting, a murphy bed cabinet offers more extra perks than just saving space and can be the perfect solution to your small-space living.
Find the best murphy bed cabinet for your home now!