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Looking for a new Mattress? We have two types of Mattresses you can choose from here at Comfort Zone Shop. We have the Genesis 500 ST Watermattress and the traditional Carlton Memory Foam Mattress. We also have plenty of Waterbed Accessories and more Watermattresses. Which type of mattress do you prefer? The water one or the memory foam? They are very different so choose wisely. Here is more information about each to help you make the best decision possible:


Our Genesis 500 ST Watermattress is perfect if you love Waterbeds as much as we do. The gentle wave touch provides comfort and flexibility to anyone's peaceful slumber. What's great about this option is that it not only has controlled heating, but it also allows for body weight to be distributed evenly. This feature eliminates pressure in the back, shoulders and other tender areas. Relax and improve your comfort level with our watermattress. 

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are more traditional and prefer a regular mattress, then we recommend the Carlton Memory Foam Mattress. The durability and softness are ideal for sleeping. After all, nothing can beat memory foam. The sturdiness of the mattress gives you and your significant other the freedom to move around without disturbing one another. You can barely feel when someone leaves the bed! It's a great option to consider if you toss and turn in the middle of the night.

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  • Mattress Upgrade - 6.5” Bamboo
    Mattress Upgrade - 6.5” Bamboo
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  • Genesis™ 500 ST Watermattress
    Genesis™ 500 ST Watermattress
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  • Mattresses - Carlton Memory Foam
    Mattresses - Carlton Memory Foam
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