3 Fun and Functional Benefits of a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet

As homes are getting smaller, folding furniture is getting more and more popular. It's projected that the global folding furniture market will generate $13 billion by 2022, and this includes Murphy beds.

When you're short on space, a Murphy bed can be just what you need. It pulls out when you need to sleep, and swings back up in the daytime to give you more room to work with.

But what if we told you that you could get even more out of your limited space by purchasing a queen Murphy bed cabinet?

In this article, we'll discuss 3 fun and functional benefits of having one of these cabinets.

1. It's Quick and Easy to Use 

Although Murphy beds may seem convenient in theory, some may be difficult to take out and put away. But this isn't the case with a queen Murphy bed cabinet.

From the moment you pull the extension out to the second the bed's all set up, it takes just under 1 minute. Putting the bed away and configuring it back into a cabinet takes just as long.

So even if you sleep in the Murphy bed nightly, all you need to do is invest less than 2 minutes of your time to configure it every 24 hours.

2. Add Some Life to Your Room

The Murphy bed cabinet style you choose can definitely upgrade your room's aesthetics. If you feel like your space currently looks bland, transform it with a simple purchase.

For instance, if you're going for an industrial look, a sagebrush Murphy bed cabinet would work. Or if you're going for a beachy look instead, then considered the brushed driftwood style. All of our Murphy Cabinet Beds and Wallbeds are made of Solid Hard Wood and not particle board. 

What's great about these cabinets is they'll always be on display, no matter if your bed's out or not. When the bed's stored away, the cabinet serves as beautiful day furniture. And when you have the bed out, the cabinet serves as a decorative headboard.

3. Work in Bed Comfortably

If you want a queen Murphy bed cabinet, it'll come in handy if you're used to working late or early hours in bed.

These cabinets come with an optional flip-up night tray, as well as 2 USB ports and 2 power points. So you can work on those vital business plans in bed while still being close to your partner as they snore away right next to you.

Also, the storage drawer in front is always accessible, even if you have the bed drawn out. This means you can store important items in there and get easy access to them, no matter what configuration the Murphy bed cabinet is in.

Get a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet for Your Bedroom

As you can see, a queen Murphy bed cabinet has a great variety of benefits for your house or apartment. If you've been complaining about lack of space, then consider getting a Murphy bed cabinet to store all your extra items.

Are you convinced that a Murphy bed cabinet queen is exactly what you need? Then check out our selection now!