The Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet: The Ultimate Stylish Space Saver

By law, a bedroom has to be at least 70 square feet. The average bedroom is 132 square feet in an apartment and 219 square feet in a home. Continue reading about the importance of a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet...

Despite those statistics, you may have one that falls short of the national average. And you're really struggling to make every square foot count!

In this case, it may be highly beneficial for you to get a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet. Read on to find out all the benefits you can get from purchasing one.

It Will Save Space

The main perk of getting a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet is that you'll save space when you're not sleeping. Traditionally, these beds pull out from the wall and fold back up into it when not in use. The Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet, however, folds into a cabinet when not in use.

Consider how much space your bed takes up in your room, and imagine that space now available for you to use. With the new bed, that's entirely possible! Imagine all the room you'll get when you have a bed that goes away when you don't need it.

It Will Add to Your Home's Aesthetic

If you feel like your home (or apartment) is a bit bare, but that there's no room for additional decor, this is where the Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet shines.

For instance, this product folds out for a spacious bed at night, then folds up into a sleek and beautiful cabinet in the daytime. You can decorate it with vases of flowers, pictures of your family, or trophies from your children.

It's Comfortable

Because it's a folds-out bed, you may be worried about how comfortable a queen Murphy bed is. But if you choose carefully, the mattresses on these can be just as nice as regular mattresses, if not better!

For example, our queen Murphy bed cabinet comes with a trifold premium gel memory foam mattress. It'll keep your body properly supported and will help you drift off to dreamland with little to no issues.

It Has Multiple Features

The queen Murphy bed cabinet serves two purposes already. However, it also comes with some extra features that you'll find very convenient.

Within the cabinet, you'll find a built-in dual power/USB module, which means you can easily work on your laptop or watch some shows on your tablet without worry about your devices dying in the middle of the night. You'll also be able to charge your phone without it being all the way across the room.

There's also a flip-up night tray so you can work comfortably into the night without having to leave your sleeping spouse's side.

Consider Getting a Queen Murphy Bed for Your House

A queen Murphy bed is extremely comfortable and doesn't take up much room. In fact, we at Comfort Zone carry the Murphy bed cabinet at very affordable prices.

With a dual-purpose Murphy bed, you'll have a comfy place to sleep and a gorgeous cabinet to show off!

Ready for a convenient addition to your home? Then purchase a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet today.