Choosing a Murphy Bed Cabinet Color That Complements Your Bedroom

If you've decided to replace your bed with a Murphy bed cabinet, congratulations! You'll get to enjoy a comfortable bed, extra space in your bedroom, and a gorgeous piece of furniture. That's why it's so important to choose wisely. You need to choose a Murphy bed cabinet style and color that you'll enjoy for years to come. 

But, bedroom furniture is an investment—the average person spends $3,586 on a bed frame, mattress, nightstand, and dresser.

Read on to find out how to choose the right color and style for your new cabinet Murphy. 

Take Inspiration From Your Current Bedroom Furniture

If you're not sure what kind of style you like, look at the bedroom furniture you already have. Are you ready for a change or do you want to keep the same style and colors? 

If you have a lot of white furniture, you probably prefer clean neutrals. If you have a lot of natural wood furniture, you might prefer a Murphy cabinet in a traditional cherry finish

Choose a Color Based on a Pattern in Your Bedroom

You can also choose furniture colors based on patterns you already have in your bedroom. It could be a patterned area rug, a throw pillow, or some wall artwork with an interesting design. 

Pick your favorite colors from within the pattern and choose a bed cabinet in one of those colors. If you had a geometric rug with yellow, gray, and cream, you could choose a cabinet in any one of those colors. 

This is a great way to create a cohesive bedroom design without spending money on new rugs or upholstery. 

Think About Your Favorite Colors

If you'd like to refresh your bedroom's style, you can choose a bed cabinet color and design the room around it. But first, you need to choose a color. 

Not sure what your favorite color is? Take a peek in your closet. If you like to wear color, consider a bed cabinet in a playful blue Skye finish. If you wear a lot of neutrals, you might prefer a cabinet in a white or gray finish.  

Consider the Design Aesthetic You Want

When you're trying to choose a cabinet color and style that will complement your bedroom, you should also think about what kind of design you want your bedroom to have.

For example, Scandinavian style uses a lot of white and natural wood tones, so a cabinet in white, gray, or natural wood would look great. If you like farmhouse style, a natural wood or cream cabinet would fit perfectly. 

Your furniture sets the tone for your bedroom, so keep your style goals in mind while you're shopping.

Order Your Murphy Bed Cabinet Today

When it's folded out, a bed cabinet is a high-quality bed that can expand the size of any bedroom or guest room. When it's not in use, a Murphy bed cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture which is why it needs to complement your bedroom design.

When you choose a cabinet bed that matches your bedroom decor, you'll get to enjoy your purchase for years to come. If you're interested in buying a Murphy bed cabinet, call us at 727-847-3551 for more information.