Futon Convertible Sleeper: Where Style Meets Function

If you have a guest staying overnight, are you willing to carry your sofa sleeper upstairs or around a corner so they can have a private place to sleep? 

Most likely, the answer is no. You’ll have to step around your guest as you’re leaving for work or making breakfast in the morning, and they’re still trying to sleep.

This scenario is easily avoided with a futon. Keep reading to discover more about Futon Convertible Sleeper, their benefits, and how to choose one for your home.

What Is a Futon Convertible Sleeper?

Traditionally, a futon was a thin, cotton mattress that is stored away and then rolled out at night for every night sleeping. Later, in the west, it became more common to refer to a futon as a mattress in a converting frame.

Today, the Futon Convertible Sleeper is a popular unit for those looking to save space, but also to allow themselves and their guests a comfortable place to sleep. 

Most people find futons more comfortable than sofa beds because there’s no bar in the middle like the ones sofa beds use to provide support. 

Benefits of a Futon Convertible Sleepers

A Futon Convertible Sleeper is basically a mattress that folds into a couch, meaning you can use it however you want—for yourself every night or for an occasional guest. 

Choosing a Futon Convertible Sleeper over a sofa bed offers several benefits:

Optimize Your Space

If you have a studio apartment or a smaller room, Futon Convertible Sleepers are great for a quick sleep option. They fold easily, so you don’t need to worry about pulling anything out of storage or putting a frame together.

Many Options to Meet Your Needs

You can find many size and fabric options when looking for a futon. So you can find many options to meet your needs.

Our Futon mattresses are available in different firmness and are made for adult weight/ every day type use. They are also available in regular mattress sizes, Twin, Full or Queen size so you can sleep one guest or two adults comfortably.

Easily Store and Move

If you only need your futon occasionally, rest easy knowing it’s easy to store and pull out only when you need it.

Futon Convertible Sleepers are lightweight enough that you can rearrange your room with ease. Plus, moving apartments or houses is easier when you’re dealing with one less heavy piece of furniture. 


If you’re a smart shopper, you’ll find comfort in knowing you can buy a high-quality futon at an affordable price. Futon Convertible Sleepers offer great value for your money. Often, they will last longer than the mattress on your bed. 

Futons are also less prone to sagging than regular mattresses because they have cotton and polyester filling—another reason they stay more comfortable longer.

How to Choose a Futon

When it’s time to choose a Futon Convertible Sleeper, the best choice comes down to personal preferences.  

As you check out our website, you’ll find over 40 styles of futon frames and eight different mattresses to choose from. The beds are designed for everyday use and available in twin, full, and queen sizes.

Don’t worry about your new futon matching your existing decor, because we have over 500 cover fabrics to choose from! Plus, the covers are removable, washable, and can be replaced when you want a new color or pattern. 

Sleep Soundly With a Futon Convertible Sleeper

Are you looking for a more traditional-looking couch, and willing to compromise comfort for style? Then a sofa bed or click clack futon is the better choice.

If you want a customizable, versatile, high-quality piece of furniture, don’t hesitate to buy a sleeper futon. We’re here to help you find the perfect one.

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