How to Maximize Space for Overnight Guests With a Murphy Bed Cabinet

It is estimated that more than 44 million American homes have bedrooms that sit empty. Is your home one of them?  

Coming up with new ways to use spare bedrooms is easy, but when overnight guests come calling, what are you to do? 

Your office, craft room, playroom or sewing room suddenly needs to accommodate your in-laws, grown children or friends from out-of-town. Have you thought about a queen Murphy bed cabinet? 

Murphy bed cabinet style can keep your room serving the purpose you designed it to serve and be a space for your company while looking stylish at the same time. 

Looking for some spare bedroom ideas? If your space is a little tight, consider a Murphy bed cabinet for overnight guests. Keep reading for some great ideas to maximize your space. 


Spare Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Making the most of the rooms in your home is the goal, but when you have the occasional overnight guest, you want to be able to offer them a place to call their own for a couple of nights. Let's take a look at some amazing spare room ideas to make your spare room useful all year round. 

Murphy Bed Cabinet 

If you opt for the New Queen Murphy bed cabinet you can't go wrong. These are different then the traditional Murphy beds in that they don't have to be bolted to the floor or the wall, they are a free standing piece of furniture. 

They only take up 10 square ft of space making it the most compact way to hide a true Queen size bed.

Do you need outlets or a USB port nearby? The Murphy bed cabinet is equipped to charge your guest's phone or other devices.

It also offers a drawer for storage. You can keep it empty and allow your guests to use it or use it to store your own things. 

Worried about a nightstand? These Cabinets have optional fold up trays you can use as a nightstand for you or your guests.  

The whole cabinet system can be set up and folded back to a cabinet in under a minute as a one-person job. 

They come in various finishes to match your decor style


Could you use more storage? Maybe a Wallbed unit better suits your needs? 

If your room doubles as an office or playroom, the Wallbed offers more storage options. With cabinets on either side of the bed unit, you can store your kids' toys or office supplies to keep things neat and organized. 

Again, these can be designed to meet your decor style with various finishes, knobs, and wood choices.  For example, Wallbeds come in twin, full, queen or king with all types of custom cabinetry. Our custom cabinetry are made with Solid Hard Wood and not the particle board that most online companies use. We like to provide the highest quality of materials for our clients. 

Ready for a Spare Bedroom Redo? 

Now that you've seen some spare bedroom ideas to maximize your space, you can get your room ready for your overnight guests.

We at Comfort Zone Shop are here to guide you in making the right purchase for your home. We specialize in hideaway bedding systems. Contact us today