The Best Day to Night Furniture for Your Home

Did you know that an estimated 39 million Americans live in apartments? While apartment living has plenty of pros, there are some cons, such as limited space for furniture. 

Luckily there are ways you can maximize space, starting with day to night furniture. You'll have the best of both worlds: a bed and couch, without having to sacrifice coveted space in your apartment or dorm room. 

However, murphy beds and futons aren't just for apartment life. They work wonderfully in home offices, transforming your day space into a guest room. 

Interested in learning how you can benefit from furniture such as a murphy wallbed? Then keep reading for the best convertible furniture options available.

Convertible Sleeper

convertible sleeper is an excellent way to turn a daytime couch into a nighttime bed. This is ideal if you live in a studio apartment or simply need an extra bed for guests. They're easy to use, come in a variety of colors and styles, and effortlessly accommodate any style. 

Since they're compact, you can even fit them in your office, providing a space for overnight guests. 


Futons are another great option for day to night furniture. They can be used in office spaces as a spare bed or a small apartment as your primary bed. Futons are also great for college students in dorms, where space is limited. 

Even better, you can switch up your futon's appearance with a stylish futon cover. Updating your style has never been easier. 

Murphy Bed Cabinets

A murphy wall bed is a fantastic choice if floor space is limited or if you don't want your bed out of sight when company is over. These sleek, stylish cabinets come in an assortment of colors and look like a traditional dresser. What's even better is they store more than your bed. 

Murphy beds are great if you have kids and need floor space during the day, as they simply fold up. These high-quality beds are a beautiful addition to any room. 

You can choose from murphy bed cabinets with pull-out storage, allowing you extra space for clothes, accessories, and more.

Traditional Wallbeds

If you're in search of even more cabinet space, consider a traditional wall bed. While pull-out beds typically have a pole in the middle, wall beds don't, helping you sleep better. This also provides your guests with unparalleled comfort all night long.

You can select the type of wood used, along with custom handles. Traditional wallbeds are furnished in the color of your choice, with knobs and finishes to match any decor. 

The Best Day to Night Furniture

Now that you know what options are available to you, it's time to choose the perfect day to night furniture for your needs. Whether you want a minimalist style for furniture in a dorm room or simply want furniture for overnight guests, there are countless choices to match every style and budget. 

For a complete selection of futons, murphy cabinet beds, and wallbeds, shop Comfort Zone today. Our catalog has tons of great options, guaranteed to accommodate any space without sacrificing comfort.