Different Types of Space Saving Bedroom Furniture

How many times have you stubbed your toe on your bedframe? 

If it’s more than you can count, it might be time to invest in some space-saving bedroom furniture. Living in a small bedroom does present challenges when decorating, but the furniture industry has evolved to meet the needs of those living in smaller spaces. 

In the blog post below, you’ll find four bedroom furniture ideas to try that look great without taking up too much space. Take a look!

Get a Solid Wood Murphy Cabinet Bed

Few people know that the Murphy bed is named after its inventor, William Murphy, who wanted to hide his bed while courting a young woman. His bed was stowed up against a wall, but modern Murphy beds can actually come in the form of cabinets that sit on the floor. In the case of a Murphy cabinet bed, the cabinet form will always be visible so it’s worth paying a little more for solid wood construction. 

When a solid wood murphy cabinet bed is in cabinet form, it can be among the best bedroom furniture pieces in your collection. Since the top of a Murphy cabinet bed never moves, you can use this piece as a TV stand or add decorative lamps to it without ever having to move pieces off the top at night when you pull out the bed.

Try Wall-Mounted Side Tables

Nightstands are essential bedroom furniture, but traditional nightstands take up a lot of space. When looking at different types of bedroom furniture to save space, consider mounting side tables on the wall on either side of your bed.

Wall-mounted side tables free up floor space and still serve the same purpose as a nightstand by providing a place to store books, glasses, and other bedtime necessities.

Lean Ladders Against the Wall

When you realize that your bedroom is going to be a bit small, you’ll probably ask “what kind of furniture do I need in the bedroom to maximize space? In this case, the answer isn’t really a piece of furniture at all.

If it can be hung up, it can be stored on a ladder. Whether you go with a rustic wooden ladder or a modern metal one, ladders provide plenty of hanging storage while taking up very little floor space. Anything tall and narrow can help you save space in your bedroom while still providing storage space, and ladders fit this description perfectly.

Use Floor Lamps With Shelves

Multi-functional furniture is your best friend when trying to save space. No matter where you shop for bedroom furniture, you can find a variety of tall, skinny floor lamps with multiple shelves for storage. These maps can be tucked away in a corner and provide plenty of light while also giving you a place to store your knick-knacks.

It’s Easy to Find Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture

No matter which types of furniture you end up buying for your bedroom, the general rule is to find multi-functional furniture that’s both tall and narrow. That’s the best way to save floor space while still providing storage and nice aesthetics.

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