How to Make Older Siblings Sharing a Room Effective

"Mom, when can I have my own room?" Let's be honest, we've all heard it. 

When you have siblings sharing a room, there are things you need to do to help them find the balance between being best friends and constant arguments.

No matter your reasons for your kids sharing a bedroom, there will be highs and lows. But you can do some simple things to help them love and cherish their space, sharing without a hitch. 

Read on to learn our top tips to help your kids enjoy sharing a room.

Maximize Bedroom Space 

The main thing your kids are likely to be complaining about if they're sharing a room? Bedroom size.

Assuming you're not about to knock down a wall and build an extension for them, there are some small things you can do with the bedroom furniture to maximize their space. 

When you're arranging a bedroom, imagine their clothes and toys all over the floor (as they often are). Is there still enough space? Murphy Bed Cabinets are a classic way to make the room seem bigger. 

Murphy Bed Cabinets double up as a cabinet during the day and a bed at night. Quick and easy to put away each morning, the mattresses fold three ways, fitting into the cabinet.

They are made of solid wood and aren't likely to snap in half with a few tugs. Compared to other solid wood products, they are versatile, so spend a little more on a solid wood bed that'll last.

Not only are they a space saver, but Murphy Bed Cabinets are also great for kids that love their technology. The foldout night tray table includes USB charging sockets - get one for each child, and they'll be happy. 

Create Personal Space

The best thing about having your own room is having personal space. So you need to find ways to put private areas into a shared space. This is especially important if you have teens sharing a room; any teen will tell you they value their privacy.

Rather than marking out a 50% split on the floor in tape, consider putting in smart storage solutions that give them the space to have privacy. Murphy Bed Cabinets remove the stress of adding two large beds. This creates space for privacy and personalization in their bedroom.

If you're feeling really ambitious, let them paint it (or hire a painter to avoid inevitable disaster). All you need to do is make sure each child has a dedicated space to express their style and personality.

Siblings Sharing a Room Made Easier With These Tips 

Siblings sharing a room doesn't have to be a painful experience if you take their needs into account; personalization, privacy, and space. 

If you want them to be happy sharing, it's time to re-design the space to suit their needs, whether that's solid wood furniture or versatile Murphy Bed Cabinets. 

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