How Does a Murphy Bed Work? Everything You Need to Know

Limited space shouldn’t keep you from entertaining overnight houseguests. There's an affordable way to add sleeping accommodations to your home without increasing square footage. 

Murphy beds are an underutilized feature for cramped spaces. They’re the perfect solution to making any room space in your home function as a bedroom.

Curiosity may have you questioning, “How does a Murphy bed work!” This article contains the information you need to understand the benefits of a Murphy bed.

how does a murphy bed work

What Is a Murphy Bed?

The original Murphy bed was reportedly created by William Lawrence Murphy. The idea was born out of his need to transform one small space into a dual-purpose area. Sound familiar?

With Murphy’s innovation, a single room became accommodations for living and sleeping. Murphy beds evolved over the years but their functional design remains a space-saver. They’re the perfect solution for smaller-sized bedrooms doubling as an office or playroom. 

How Does a Murphy Bed Work?

The Murphy bed works like a well-executed undercover operation. You may have seen a Murphy bed before under the guise of a bookshelf or other wall unit. A beautifully crafted Murphy bed made of quality solid wood makes it aesthetically pleasing and purposeful.

There are several types of Murphy beds on the market. Comfort Zone Shop offers optional design finishes and styles for both their Murphy cabinet and wall beds. The simplicity of their Murphy bed mechanisms and added features might surprise you.

Comfort Zone’s beds made of solid wood provide ease of maintenance. Their durability and versatility make them a smart investment for a quality Murphy bed. So the short answer to, “How does a Murphy bed work?” comes down to this—it just does.

Murphy Cabinet Bed

Comfort Zone’s Murphy Cabinet Beds offer the luxury of modern living. They’re both practical and functional. They’re even painless to assemble and look great with any design style.

After setting up your Murphy Cabinet Bed, place it against a bedroom wall. The bed’s hidden so well you may not remember it’s there. But the unit easily converts in less than a minute. 

First, slide out the draw compartment at the bottom. This gives the base of the bed a sturdy landing surface. Next, unlatch and open the bed by unfolding the frame and then the mattress. Voilà!

For added convenience, the Murphy Cabinet Bed also features a foldout table tray on each side, two USB plug-ins, and two 110v power outlets. 

Murphy Wall Bed

You may opt for a Murphy Wall Bed from Comfort Zone Shop instead. The wall bed stands taller than the cabinet bed and provides more usable space. And their wall beds have surrounding custom-built storage.

Wall beds pull down vertically from the wall. The custom cabinetry provides ample storage and usable space. When not in use, the bed folds up as easily as it’s pulled down.

Create Space With a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds let you live a minimalist life without compromising style. The space-saving design gives you what’s needed in a combined living and sleeping space.

Stop asking, “How does a Murphy bed work?” and start shopping for one. Enjoy your houseguests and give them space to relax. 

Visit the Comfort Shop Zone and find the Murphy Bed that works for you.