Make the Most of Your Space With These Extra Bedroom Ideas

As an American, the likelihood that you have a spare bedroom in your house is high. In the United States, there's an average of 2.4 rooms per person. (Across the rest of the world, only Canadians have more rooms per person.)

Are you wondering what to do with all this disused living space? Aside from filling it with junk, you’re not using, why not look into some extra bedroom ideas. From turning it into a homeschooling space to Airbnb-ing it, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Read on for trending tips on how to use an extra room.

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Contained Entertainment

Do you have a family full of gamers? Are movie nights top of your fun list when it comes to at-home entertainment? Consider transforming your extra room into an entertainment space.

Install a giant TV screen or projector and fill the room with gaming consoles, a surround-sound system, and streaming devices. Furnish it with custom gaming chairs, vintage movie seats, or lots of colorful beanbags.

Or get creative and install a solid wood murphy bed. They work equally well as a daybed for movie watching and a guest bed for visiting friends and family.

When you're installing a piece of furniture in a heavy-use family room, it's worth paying extra for solid wood. It looks great and will last years with proper care.

Research also shows that choosing solid wood furniture can help counter the effects of climate change.

Extra Bedroom Ideas: Dress It Up

If you’re lost for ideas on what to put in an extra room, it’s time to think outside the box.

And the box, in this case, is your tiny wardrobe. Give your cramped and crinkled clothes the freedom they deserve by turning your spare bedroom into a dressing room.

Deck out your fashion sanctuary with a wardrobe system to organize your clothes, shoes, and bags. Install an antique-look French armoire to house your accessories. Don’t forget the overstuffed chair in the corner to relax on.

Sure, it’s luxurious, but trust us, you deserve it!

Combination Office and Guest Room Ideas

Do you work from home? Do you often have visitors stay over? Install a murphy cabinet bed in your extra bedroom, and you have an office and guest bedroom in one!

When packed away, a cabinet bed looks and functions just like a standard storage unit. Use it to organize filing, office supplies, and books. Before your guest arrives, simply pull out the bed and add some comfy linens, pillows, and blankets.

If your room is small, use a foldable desk and work from a laptop. A standing desk is another compact option. Choices like these will give guests more space to move around while keeping your office space functional once they’re gone.

Stay in Sync With Your Style

When decorating your new space, try to coordinate the decor with the rest of your home–whether you’ve created a craft room or made a man cave.

Inspire a seamless feeling by bringing in colors and themes from your kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces. Make sure any furniture you buy matches what you already have in your home.

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