5 Big Ideas for Small Space Living

There are tons of perks when it comes to living in a small space, such as saving money, getting creative with your space, and learning to be more efficient.

Sometimes it can be hard to make the most of your small space, but luckily for you, we're here to give you some tips on how to improve your space!

When it comes to small space living there are tons of things that you can do to make your home feel bigger. These tips and tricks can be used right in your home in many different ways. 

Keep reading our guide to learn five big ideas for small space living to make the most out of your space. 

1. Stay Organized

One way to maximize your space is to make sure that you always stay organized. Whether it is your closets, cupboards, or drawers make sure that everything within them has a place and you always put them where they belong. 

Staying organized will help make your space look bigger because it won't be overcrowded with clutter. If you go in a room or open a drawer that is cluttered, then it automatically starts to make your space look smaller. 

2. Get a Futon

Futons are awesome pieces of furniture to have in your main room because they're great for when you have company over! You can use them in your living room every day such as when you're watching television or just sitting around doing daily activities. 

The best part is that if you're having company over such as guests who need a place to stay for the night, then a futon can transform into a place for them to sleep. This can give your guests a comfortable place to stay as well as make your house seem bigger. 

3. Murphey Bed 

A Murphey bed is another great item that you can incorporate when living in small spaces. They're especially awesome for small rooms that you find yourself in a lot such as if you live in a studio apartment or tiny home. 

This type of bed can be used for sleeping all night and then fold up during the day so you can use your room for other activities. It's awesome for small space living because then you can do other things in your room besides lay in bed. 

4. Mount Your TV

Another awesome way to open up some space in your small home is by mounting your television. Entertainment centers can take up a lot of space but by mounting your TV you can open up floor space in your living room. 

5. Trunks for Tables

When it comes to small spaces it might be difficult to find storage space for all of your belongings. A great way to get some extra storage space in your house is by using trunks for tables. 

You can store your things within the trunks and then use them to set your things on top of them. Getting cute and stylish trunks can make interesting coffee tables or even end tables in your living room or bedroom. 

Making the Most of Small Space Living

When it comes to small space living there are tons of different ways that you can make your home feel big. Adapt some of our tips and tricks into your own home to give it a bigger feel. 

If you're looking for ways to maximize your small space, then make sure to check out our futons!