The Top Beds for Studio Apartments to Maximize Your Space

Almost two-thirds of millennials and nearly half of baby boomers are actively interested in downsizing their living spaces.

From cost-savings to eco-friendliness to freedom from house and yard maintenance, an increasing number of Americans across age groups are choosing smaller, more personalized homes. 

In many cities, studio apartments top the list of desirable small-space living options. They're affordable and offer numerous benefits

If you've ever dreamed of downsizing, keep reading to discover the best beds for studio apartments and how they can help you achieve your dreams of stylish small-space living. 

beds for studio apartments

The Big Deal About Beds 

One of the biggest challenges renters run into when creating comfortable, practical spaces is how to make a bedroom in a studio apartment. Comfortable sleeping arrangements are a key part of a cozy home.

Yet with minimal floor space, apartment dwellers can feel backed into unpleasant corners. They can find themselves facing seemingly impossible decisions between living space and sleeping space.

Throw in the desire to be able to accommodate overnight company, and the pressure goes up. 

Dividers Aren't the Answer

Many first-time renters try to make things work by investing in studio apartment dividers. This isn't a terrible plan. Dividers can break things up visually and create the illusion of a separate bedroom. 

The problem with dividers, however, is that they take up space.

Even things like curtains, which create visual division while taking up a minimum of space, only go so far. 

Murphy Cabinet Beds for Studio Apartments

If you sift through decor blogs, you'll find lots of intriguing and creative studio apartment bed ideas:

  • Sofa beds
  • Lofted beds
  • Trundle beds
  • Daybeds

Each of these options has its pros and cons. But to truly maximize your space, convenience, and comfort, nothing beats a Murphy cabinet bed for studio apartment living. 

If the term "Murphy bed" has you thinking of the creaky, bulky, uncomfortable thing your grandparents used to fold in and out of a bedroom wall, think again.

Modern Murphy beds are quiet, compact, and convenient. Best of all, they're a dream to sleep on. 

How Murphy Beds Make Apartments Amazing

With so many options to choose from, what makes a Murphy cabinet bed the best bed for a studio apartment? Put simply, cabinet beds:

  • Take up almost no floor space
  • Compliment any taste in furniture and decor
  • Are affordable
  • Require no installation fuss 
  • Provide real comfort

Floor Space

Murphy cabinet beds are compact.

Closed up, they use almost none of your precious floor space, leaving you lots of room for living, working, and playing. Their flat tops even double as a small table or work surface! 


Modern Murphy beds come in stylish designs that fit right in with the rest of your decor. They add to the appeal of your space, not detract from it. 


Murphy beds are a highly cost-effective option. Their durability means you can continue to benefit from your investment for many years to come, too. 

No Installation

One of the biggest reasons Murphy beds are the best beds for studio apartments is that they require no installation or complicated setup.

You don't need tools and a group of mechanically-savvy friends to set them up as you would a lofted bed, for example. Just carry the cabinet into your apartment like any other table and you're done! 


Last, but certainly not least, Murphy beds provide real comfort for you or your guests when it's time to bed down for the night.

Unlike daybeds and other alternatives, Murphy cabinet beds accommodate two people with ease, making them perfect for both you or your company. 

Find the Right Murphy Bed for You

Murphy cabinet beds are the best beds for studio apartments, hands down.

If you're ready to grab one for your apartment, don't wait. Find the best Murphy bed for your needs today!