A Futon or a Murphy Bed in the Living Room?: The Pros and Cons of Each

When setting up their home, most people try to maximize space and add room for friends and family who may need a place a stay. While some are fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom that can work as a guest room, many people utilize foldaway options to create sleeping space in living areas.

But what option is right for you - a Murphy bed or a sleeper sofa?

Keep reading to learn how to choose between a sleeper sofa or a Murphy bed in the living room!

Murphy Bed vs. Sleeper Sofa

A Murphy bed (also called a wall bed) is a style of bed that folds completely away into a wall or other piece of furniture in such a way that it's completely hidden.

Some are completely hidden inside a full-size wall that folds down to reveal a fully made bed sitting just behind the wall. Others double as pieces of furniture functional in other ways, like shelving, cabinets, and desks.

Sleeper sofas, on the other hand, are regular sofas that have a bed folded away inside, using a series of bars to hold everything in place. They come in many styles and sizes that offer regular seating in your living space and a bed for guests.

There are pros and cons to each style, but there are a few reasons why you might think about choosing a Murphy bed in the living room over a sofa sleeper.

Durability and Comfort

Murphy beds are generally walls or pieces of furniture designed to accommodate a full-size, regular mattress. They come in both foldable versions like cabinets and non-foldable versions like full-size wall beds. This leaves you a world of options when it comes to what kind of mattress you want to use.

Sleeper sofas, on the other hand, generally come with a factory mattress that is thinner because it must be able to stand being folded into layers within the couch. While you can purchase upgraded mattresses that are thicker, your options will still be limited because of this necessary folding.

If you're looking for a bed for an occasional situation, a sleeper sofa is a good option. But if you're looking for a sleeping experience more similar to a real bed, a Murphy bed should be your choice.

Functionality and Space

A sleeper sofa has two jobs - a place to sit and a place to sleep. Murphy beds come in all styles of furniture. If you need an additional bed but not perhaps another couch, you can choose a piece of furniture that you will use daily, like a desk or shelving unit.

This makes Murphy beds more practical in some situations, and more space-saving.

While a sleeper sofa takes up a specified amount of space in a room, a murphy bed can literally disappear into the wall or shelves, leaving more clear space in smaller rooms. In fact, some people who live in smaller homes and apartments choose to have a Murphy bed as their main sleeping space to save room!

The Verdict? Choose a Murphy Bed in the Living Room

If you're looking to save space while adding additional sleeping space to your home, a Murphy bed in the living room is the most functional and comfortable option.

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