Futon vs. Sofa Bed: What's Best for Your Small Home?

The average American apartment is less than 1,000 square feet and has shrunk in square footage by 5.2% since 2008.

This means that many Americans are looking at new ways to maximize the space that they do have. Allowing for multiple functions in a room, or making a studio apartment more inviting for company, have many considering their options.

Imagine using a room for multiple purposes. Maybe you are currently weighing a futon vs sofa bed to provide for those.

Having both a place to invite guests to sit and have conversations or watch a movie or having an extra sleeping space to offer to friends is an amenity that can help you open your home up to more loved ones in the future. Even in a studio or efficiency, there are ways to make the space more inviting.

Here, we'll explore the benefits of a futon vs sofa bed to spruce up your space and give an added sleeping space to your apartment or home.

What Is a Futon Couch?

In making a decision between a futon vs sofa bed, it's important to know what you are actually looking for.

With a sofa bed, the main use of the piece of furniture will be that of a sofa. This piece of furniture generally houses a fold-out mattress and bed frame on the inside. This means removing the top cushions and unfurling a thinner mattress from beneath.

A futon couch, or futon, usually has more of an exposed frame. If it doesn't have an exposed frame, it may not have arms as a sofa would. Instead of hiding the mattress within the furniture--the futon's couch function is the same build as the bedding function.

A futon simply folds down into a flatbed for sleeping and folds back up to offer back support and a comfortable seating area. 

Are There Benefits for a Futon vs Sofa Bed?

When you are seeking ways to furnish your space, you need to take into account how each room can be maximized, especially if you are in a smaller living space.

A futon can be a less expensive option to combine both additional sleeping space and a seating area. This also combines the solution for both needs into one piece of furniture--saving you precious space.

Futons can also be customized easily. While choosing a new sofa is a major purchase, a futon's appearance can be easily changed. The covers can be changed and customized to fit the room they are placed in--or for when you just want a fresh look.

Re-upholstering a sofa can be an expensive option, and also requires moving the sofa in and out of your living space to a professional who can service it. A futon's couch and sleep surface are often easily changed in one's residence.

Ready to Consider a Futon?

Are you ready to choose in the futon vs sofa bed decision? A futon combines a sleeping space with a seating area for guests, or for yourself. They are also stylish and easy to customize to your evolving tastes.

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