How Can a Murphy Cabinet Bed Save Space in My Home?

Did you know that the first patent for a folding bed was granted in 1899 to Leonard Bailey? While the Murphy bed is named after William L. Murphy, Murphy's involvement was at the bed's point of folding, not the concept of a folding bed itself. Due to Murphy's involvement, these beds can attach to a wall and fold up against it for easy storage.

When you're dealing with a smaller space, it is important to design the room with the space in mind. So keep reading to find out how a Murphy cabinet bed can help you utilize the space you have.

What Is a Murphy Bed?

While you might not have heard the term before, we can assure you that you've seen a Murphy bed before (either in real life or on TV!). A Murphy bed is simply a bed that has a hinge at one end so that it can be stored vertically against a wall or inside a closet. Murphy beds are multifunctional furniture since they function as a bed and a closet.

Power Outlets and USB Ports

Usually, next to your bed you'll have a bedside table located near an outlet, but that isn't always the case when you have a murphy bed. So consider having outlets and USB ports installed in the bed itself to save you from having to roll out long extension cords.

USB ports are also incredibly useful since most of us use our phones as an alarm, so you can easily reach your phone in the morning.

Built-in Storage Drawers

Murphy beds with built-in storage drawers are perfect when trying to furnish a small room. When considering small space furniture, storage can take up a lot of space and make a room feel more cluttered than it actually is.

By having storage space built into your murphy bed, you won't be able to see the drawers unless the bed is down. This will make it easier when planning your small space decor.

No Need to Store Bedding

Bedding can take a lot of storage space, especially if you have a plump comforter that you need to fold. This means the bedding will probably need its own storage container, which adds to the clutter.

But, did you know that you can store your Murphy bed with the bedding on it? Not only does this save time if you have unexpected guests, but you also don't need to find a place to store the bedding.

Invest in a Murphy Cabinet Bed

A Murphy bed can be extremely useful if you have limited space and need to add another sleeping area without dedicating an entire room to be a guest bedroom. Murphy beds are incredibly versatile and can be customized to suit your needs and style.

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