How to Design the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

Bedrooms outnumber people in the US by a significant amount. This is good news for those looking to make an extra dollar or who frequently host friends and relatives.

There's a big difference between just having a guest bedroom and having a great guest bedroom, and going the extra mile could lead to some major benefits.

If you're renting out your guest bedroom, a more elegant atmosphere could earn you more money. If you use it to host people you know, they might start visiting more often.

How do you take a guest bedroom from good to great, though? We'll offer some bedroom design tips in this article.

1. Murphy Beds

Without a bed, a guest bedroom is essentially a very large closet. When it comes to guest bedroom furniture, a good bed is key. One of the best beds out there, if not the best, is a murphy bed.

Murphy beds are a perfect mix of comfort and convenience, with wooden frames that can support a mattress and eliminate the need for springs. Since it folds up into the wall, it can also be used for storage when not in use. 

2. Provide Lights

Regardless of what kind of mood you're going for, a good space needs lights. You don't always have to provide a lot of light, though. Oftentimes, overhead light and a bedside lamp are enough. 

If the room has a window, it can add some natural lighting during the day. The key is finding a balance because rooms that are too bright are just as irritating as those without light. The key is to have enough light to read and relax by, but not so much that sleeping becomes difficult.

3. Create a Welcoming Environment

Making people feel comfortable in your home is the most important part of being a good host or hostess. You can help achieve this by leaving out extra towels for the guests as well as personal notes and other things.

The most creative way to create a fascinating and welcoming room is to follow a theme. There are a lot of themes to choose from, but we would suggest something minimalistic to fit with the murphy bed. 

Minimalism is a movement in many fields that emphasizes simplicity and function over flair. One of the major figures in architecture and design minimalism was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a famous architect and German immigrant who settled in Illinois in 1939. His designs would go on to shape much of the Chicago skyline.

Designing a Perfect Guest Bedroom

Making a great guest bedroom can be challenging, but the key is to strike a balance. We've discussed a few of the things you might need in this article, but interior design is an entire field with multiple schools of thought and endless possibilities.

If you want more information and advice about interior design or are looking for furniture please visit our site. We can discuss what to look for in the best bedroom furniture whether it's for a guest room or your own bedroom.