How to Save Space in Your Small Home

To save money and reduce stress, many people are downsizing their living situations but that doesn't mean you need to downsize to an uncomfortable bed. It's important for adults to get at least seven hours of good quality sleep each night, so don't settle for a poor bed because you need to save space. 

Are you living in a small home or apartment? Keep reading for some clever storage solutions and space-saving furniture ideas to help you live your best, most comfortable life!

Save Space With a Murphy Bed

Are you living in a small apartment, studio, or single-family home? One of the best ways to save space is with a Murphy bed. The first Murphy bed was the invention of William Lawrence Murphy and he patented it in 1911.

A Murphy bed hides in a cabinet or doubles as a sofa during the day and folds down when you need the bed. They're the perfect space saver for a small bedroom, and they're comfortable bedroom furniture. They also work great in a second room that doubles as a den or guest room. 

To make sure you get the best, most comfortable bed, choose a Murphy bed with a solid wood frame. The wood frame gives you the support and stability you need for a good night's sleep. 

Mount the Television

Do you live in a studio without rooms at all? It's tricky defining the living, working, and sleeping spaces. Mount your television on the wall for more floor space. 

Mounting the TV also offers a less cluttered and more modern look. A Murphy bed is a great addition to a studio living situation because you can get custom cabinetry with the bed. This gives you more storage space for clothes, books, or other necessities. 

Use Wall Space

Do you have lots of open wall space? Add some floating shelves or pegboard with hooks for added storage. This works great in the kitchen for holding pots and pans or coffee mugs. 

Use Open Furniture

Use semi-open cabinets to define spaces in a studio or small home. There are lots of great bookshelves that feature open shelves mixed with closed shelves. 

Put the cabinet in the middle of the room and then fill it with books and other items for storage. The shelves then double as storage and a room divider and you can make it look artful too. 

Look for exposed legs on chairs and small coffee tables. This gives the room a feeling of openness making it appear bigger. 


This is tough for lots of people but when you live in a small space, you should get good at decluttering. Make sure everything you bring into your space serves a function or is something your heart desires. 

As for everything else? Give it away, sell it, or toss it. Decluttering reduces stress and makes your environment calmer. 

Save Space in Your Small Place

Save space in your small place with a Murphy bed and furniture that does double-duty like semi-open cabinets. Declutter and get clever with your storage and you'll love the small space you're in!

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