Furniture That Fits: Reasons to Order a Murphy Cabinet Bed

A solid wood murphy cabinet is perfect as part of your custom bedroom furniture. You don't want a cheap particle board bed for storage beds for your small home that you can buy online. When your guests arrive to stay in your house, you want your folding beds to impress!  

Having custom-made furniture that saves space in your small home is a worthy goal for your house. You'll soon find the benefits of adding this great addition to a spare bedroom or office.  

Here are reasons to order a murphy cabinet bed. 

A Murphy Cabinet Is A Space Saver

A murphy cabinet bed is best to save space when you live in a small home. While some may consider futons or folding beds in a small area, a murphy cabinet bed fits nicely on the wall and allows you to use the room any way you choose. 

For example, if you only have guests coming a few times each year, why take up the entire space with futons, storage beds, or sleeper sofas? Using murphy beds, in this case, is the perfect way to save space. You also want your guests to get a good night's sleep!

When you have the option of murphy beds in a small home, you can use the room for an office, library, or craft room. When you have hobbies (or work from home), it's nice to close the door in a guest room, so you don't have to see the mess! 

Multifunctional Use

When you order a murphy cabinet, you can get a custom piece of furniture that suits your needs and your space. It can function as a table, sofa, or just about anything you want in your small home. 

Storage in a small home is often a challenge. Where do you put stuff when you don't have the room? By customizing your murphy cabinet, you can place books, artwork, and picture frames on shelves and in storage. 

Custom Made Funiture

Ordering a piece of custom-made furniture for your home makes it a one-of-a-kind place. It's unique to you. You can be confident it won't be anyone else's home!

A murphy cabinet is solid wood construction with plenty of room for upgrades and customizable options. You can choose the color stain you like and even finishes. When you work with a professional, you get one-on-one communication to put together the best murphy beds for your small home. 

Custom furniture lasts longer, looks better, and is of better quality. It's also a better value for your money. When you buy a local piece of hand-crafted furniture, you stay local with no supply chain issues

Reasons To Order A Murphy Cabinet Bed

When you order a murphy cabinet bed, you get a space-saver that's multifunctional. A custom-made piece of furniture will be a great bonus for your home, which looks great.

Contact us today to order your murphy cabinet bed! We will work with you to customize the options and features for your home! Skip the big box stores and stay local!