How to Save Space in a Small Apartment

So, you've made the move out to the big city of your dreams. You have your own space to do what you please, and design to your heart's desire.

Only to have your Pinterest home decor dreams crushed by the realization that you just don't have the space. Sound familiar? 

Chances are if you live in an urban, hip city that you're one of the many amongst us living that small apartment life. With about 1,000 square feet to work with, if you're lucky. So how do you put your own flair on things without totally cluttering your space? Here's a quick lesson in all things design illusions and multi-functional furniture. 

Minimalism: A Lesson In Small Apartment Decor 

Minimalism has taken the small apartment design world by storm within the last decade. Minimalism is defined as ridding your life of the unnecessary clutter we acquire and simplifying our inventory down to just the necessities. 

Don't worry, you can embrace the beauty of minimalistic decor without making any major lifestyle changes. We're all guilty of having a dead-grip to our iPhones and indulging in those $6 lattes. 

Taking the steps towards a minimalist design is easy!

Look for multi-purpose furniture or home objects. Stick to light, airy designs that aren't too large and won't take up too much space.

Try implementing well-known design illusions. Hang well-placed mirrors and ensure your curtains are hung from the ceiling rather than at the top of your window. Got a view? Use your windows as frames of artwork instead of closing them off. 

Choose furniture that actually fits in your space, and create room separation with some cool rugs. Small tweaks like these go a long way in small apartment decor

A small apartment or not, we can't deny how easily a minimalist home design can make any space look effortlessly chic and modern. 

Multi-Functional Furniture 

Since the rising popularity of minimalist design schemes, there has been no shortage in reimaging everyday furniture and making it multi-purpose. The latest favorite? The Murphy bed, a.k.a, the wall bed

Not only will this bed save space, but it also provides additional storage options. No closet? No problem! 

The added storage you get in your new bed can double as a dresser that folds away when you don't need it. With the ability to fold this bed into your wall, you can instantly double the usage of space in your room. This makes this bed a no-brainer for anyone not fully committed to using their spare room as a guest bedroom 365 days out of the year. 

Murphy beds are the king of space-saving furniture. You don't have to worry about sacrificing quality or comfort either. 

Getting a high-quality mattress is easy, and the best in design options feature a solid wood build. Solid wood ensures the stability and lifespan of your purchase. Never be awakened by a creaky, uncomfortable bed again. 

Aside from the durability feature, your new bed will add to the overall aesthetic and decor of your home. Stop wasting money on throw pillows you'll never use to jazz up your bed. Solid wood designs are always timeless and fit any design style you're going for. 

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Small Space? 

Now that you've gotten a taste of small apartment design, it's time to make the most out of it! Save space and breathe new life into your room with a classic solid wood Murphy bed.

Find the design that best suits your home with the Comfort Zone Shop catalog here or give us a call for customized options!