What Is a Murphy Cabinet Bed and How Can It Save You Space?

If you love hosting friends and family but feel short on space, investing in a Murphy cabinet bed may be your perfect solution. The Murphy bed has been solving tight space problems for families for over 100 years.

Today’s sleek styles and versatile colors bring the Murphy cabinet bed into new generations of homes with years of backed satisfaction.

Keep reading to find out how a Murphy bed can be a welcome and useful addition to your living space.

Why Choose a Murphy Bed?

Many families are choosing to downsize their living spaces - whether they are moving to a larger city to occupy apartments or moving their family into a small home, minimalistic living is becoming more popular.

By utilizing a Murphy bed in your home or apartment, you open up your smaller living spaces while still being able to accommodate your guests in comfort.

When you are looking to buy furniture, usability and affordability are often at the top of the list. Our Murphy cabinet bed is the perfect marriage of versatility and usability with the added bonus of affordability.

The cabinet bed isn’t just for small spaces - it can be used in larger homes simply needing more sleeping accommodations for large families - or visits from out of town family or friends.

The best news of all? Murphy cabinet beds are in stock NOW at our showroom.

Space Saving Specs

The Murphy cabinet bed takes up only 10 feet of space when it is closed, yet it holds a cozy, premium gel queen mattress. If you want to upgrade your provided mattress, we have four options to choose from.

Housed inside a solid wood, functional cabinet, you can use the cabinet as an attractive piece of useful furniture when not in use.

The cabinet bed is equipped with a power outlet and USB ports so your guests can stay plugged in and powered up.

Setup of the Murphy bed takes less than one minute and makes turning your living space into a guest retreat that's fuss-free and uncomplicated.

Designed With Your Unique Style in Mind

No matter what your style is, the cabinet comes in three finishes to complement your living space. If your style is more traditional or you are more into a coastal, laid-back vibe, the Murphy cabinet comes in several different finishes to suit your aesthetic.

Choose from multiple color options, including, but not limited to, cherry, dark chocolate, brushed driftwood, and white wood finishes to seamlessly transition the new piece into your home.

The Murphy bed allows you to save space while providing functionality and comfort with a streamlined design for the smallest of homes or to simply add additional sleeping spaces into your home.

Come Try it For Yourself

Treat your guests to a Murphy cabinet bed experience and maximize the space of your home. To truly understand the unique concept and space-saving features of this versatile bed, you really have to see it for yourself.

Schedule a visit today to visit our showroom and see what the Murphy bed is all about!