Top Four Reasons You Need a Cabinet Murphy Bed

About 40% of Americans feel that they do not have enough space in their homes.

Whether you feel that way because there isn't enough storage, not enough entertaining space, or there are too many kids running around the house, there is one solution to fix it all: A cabinet Murphy bed.

A Murphy bed has so many benefits for you and your home, not having one is doing you a disservice. Ready to invest? Read on to learn more about Murphy bed benefits!

1. Sturdy Piece of Furniture

Murphy beds are made from wood and quality materials that are meant to last. With the constant folding up and down or setting things on top of it like a TV, the wood has to be strong to hold up for years.

Even though it is built to be sturdy, it also serves its purpose to still look good. With different colors and custom faces to choose from, a cabinet bed can work in almost any room.

2. Creates More Space

If you are looking to add more space to your home, taking out an actual bed and adding in a Murphy bed is the way to do it. Not only do you have more walkable space, but you also have storage space and a bed all in one.

Having a Murphy bed is perfect if you want to convert a bedroom into an office without losing the bed itself. It's also perfect if you are trying to add an extra bed into an area that is not technically a bedroom, like a living room. The Murphy bed can function as a bed at night but as a TV stand or a shelf during the day.

If you have grandchildren who visit often or have friends that love to come to spend the night, the addition of a Murphy bed is the perfect solution.

3. Easy to Use

It may be some people's fear that a cabinet bed can be heavy or difficult to use. However, it's not much different from making a bed in a bedroom.

The only difference is pulling out a wooden drawer and opening the cabinet to let the bed fall out. Most of the time you can even keep the sheets on it! You'll just have to add an extra blanket on top to sleep for added warmth.

4. Tech Savviness of Murphy Beds

Not only are Murphy beds versatile because of the ability to put them almost anywhere, but they also have stayed up to date with the tech needs of most of us.

With added USB ports on the side, it doesn't matter whether you put it close to an outlet or far away since you have one built right in!

Invest in a Cabinet Murphy Bed

After reading this article, you probably realize that there is no reason not to invest in a cabinet Murphy bed. With so many cabinet bed benefits, it'll make your life so much easier by adding storage and creating more space in a chic, stylish way.

Are you ready to look into cabinet Murphy beds? Check out our options to get started!