4 Simple Ways to Save Space With a Murphy Bed

Maybe the words "Murphy bed" bring to mind your grandma's bed that pulled out of the wall way back in the day. Think again. This is not your grandma's Murphy bed. There are some new ways a Murphy bed can help you save space in your home.

1. Study or Work Area Doubles as Sleep Space

Murphy cabinet beds are a great choice for students who live in close quarters or for someone in a studio apartment or loft. With a Murphy bed with a desk, hitting the books is as easy as rolling out of bed. A Murphy bed combined with a desk is also a good choice for anyone who works from home or for guests to set up a laptop. A Murphy bed with shelves can be just what you need for your office that doubles as a guest room.

2. Storage Space at Your Fingertips

Extra storage space in your Murphy bed can be drawers in the base or cabinets or shelves to the side. When you make that list of tips for saving space, make sure to put down Murphy bed at the top. Why purchase an extra dresser or storage tubs when you can store extra bedding or out of season clothes in storage provided in your Murphy cabinet bed? No room to store holiday decorations and wrapping paper? You might have all the storage space you need right at your fingertips when you choose a Murphy cabinet bed for your home.

3. Plenty of Space for Guests

A Murphy bed makes entertaining overnight guests so much easier when it only comes out when you need it. The bed can stay hidden until bedtime and can add to the decor of your home when it's folded away. No matter what style of Murphy cabinet bed you choose, there are so many designs and colors that you will likely have no problem choosing one to fit your needs. Your guests will thank you when they get one of the best night's sleep they can remember.

4. Extra Sleeping Space for a Rental Property

If you are a landlord for a short-term rental, a Murphy cabinet bed will allow for more guests, should the need arise. If sleeping arrangements in the rental are adequate without the Murphy bed, it can stay out of sight until it is needed by future renters. Either way, a Murphy bed is a perfect way to accommodate visitors to your property in an attractive space-saving way.

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