How to Design a Multipurpose Room for Your Home

Picture this: you're working from home, and your dog and kids are all competing for your attention. So you go into the only room with a door beside your bedroom, the guestroom. This would work great, except the bed is covered in laundry that needs to be folded, and your kids have co-opted this space as a playroom, so it's covered in toys.

Before you can even crack open your laptop, you have to clear and organize the mess, wasting your valuable time. If this nightmare scenario sounds familiar, then you need a multipurpose room.

Continue reading to learn more about planning this type of room to satisfy form and function.

First: Plan How You Want the Room to Function

This room can take on any role that you want. For example, some common multipurpose room combinations are dining room-office or laundry room-mudroom. And, as almost 50% of the population continues to work from home, the guest room-office combo is growing increasingly popular.

Mapping out how you expect this room to function in your daily lives and what type of mixed-use it might see will allow you to source the right furniture and plan accordingly. Your planning should also extend to home décor because every piece you choose must complement each purpose.

Incorporate Versatile Furniture

When considering multipurpose room ideas, plan for how each part of the room's function might impact the others. Let's say you're designing an office that will moonlight as a guest bedroom when the duty calls. You'll need both a bed and a suitable working desk if this room is to fulfill its dual purpose.

But, having a bed out might not encourage efficiency while you're working at your desk, and conversely, your guests won't want to be reminded of work while staying at your home. In this case, if you're crafty with your furniture choices, you can satisfy all room needs. For this scenario, consider using laptop docks instead of a desktop computer so that you can remove your work gear, and your guest can plug in their laptop if they desire.

As for sleeping arrangements, the best option is the classic Murphy bed system. Murphy beds are often designed as cabinets or armoires that you open up and pull down to reveal a comfy bed. The best ones feature storage compartments that are accessible even when the bed is away.

Maximize Space for a Multipurpose Room

Plenty of hidden and built-in storage will ensure that the room stays truly multipurpose. Remember, this type of home design demands creativity; everything is competing for valuable space.

If you think you don't have the room for any more storage, look up! For example, the tops of your walls are a prime area for built-ins. For access concerns, consider a rolling ladder, old-school Victorian library style. You can also hang some shelving units from your ceiling and some feature drop-down access to pull them down for easy access.

Also, the corners of your home are another underutilized zone. To access your corner's untapped potential, look for corner shelving units and L-shaped desks.

Create Your Multi-Use Room and Unleash Your Home's Potential

Investing in the right furniture for your multipurpose room will seemingly double your home's square footage with its increased functionality.

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