How a Memory Foam Murphy Bed Can Improve your Sleep Quality

There are many reasons for choosing a Murphy bed, including the benefits of having an extra bed for guests, saving space in your home, and the modern look it can give a room. When you pair your Murphy bed with a memory foam mattress, you gain another benefit: improved sleep quality. In fact, memory foam Murphy beds are becoming increasingly popular because they offer many advantages that other types of beds cannot provide. If you are looking for a way to get a better night's sleep, a memory foam Murphy bed may be the perfect solution. Here are some of the ways a memory foam Murphy bed can improve your sleep quality:

Better support for your spine

Due to poor spinal support, traditional beds often leave you feeling uncomfortable and sore in the morning. However, memory foam Murphy beds are designed to contour to your body and provide support for your spine. This can help to reduce pain and improve your sleep quality.

Less tossing and turning

Memory foam mattresses are designed to reduce tossing and turning at night and absorb motion. In addition, they provide more uniform support for your body, which can prevent you from sinking into the mattress and becoming uncomfortable. So, if you tend to toss and turn at night or have a partner who moves around a lot, you will be less likely to be disturbed with a memory foam Murphy bed.

Improved circulation

Poor circulation can often lead to restless nights and poor sleep quality. However, memory foam mattresses on Murphy Beds can help to improve circulation by providing a more even weight distribution. This can reduce pressure on your joints and improve blood flow throughout your body.

Relief from aches and pains

Memory foam mattresses are often used in hospitals to provide patients with relief from pain. In addition, because memory foam conforms to your body, it can help to reduce pressure points. So if you suffer from back pain, neck pain, or other types of pain, a memory foam Murphy bed may be able to provide some relief.

Reduced allergy symptoms

Memory foam mattresses naturally resist dust mites, mold, and other allergens. This means that if you suffer from allergies, you may find that your symptoms are reduced when sleeping on a memory foam Murphy bed.

A cooler night's sleep

Memory foam mattresses are also good at regulating body temperature. Sleeping on a memory foam Murphy bed can help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Easy Maintenance

Memory foam mattresses on Murphy beds are easy to care for and do not require flipping or rotating like other mattresses. All you need to do is vacuum it occasionally to remove any dust or dirt.

If you want to improve your sleep quality, consider a memory foam Murphy bed. At Comfort Zone Shop, we recommend the Carlton Memory Foam Mattress. The durability and softness are ideal for sleeping. Nothing can beat memory foam, so contact us today or visit our showroom. Discover for yourself how a memory foam Murphy bed can improve your sleep quality.