How to Setup a Multifunctional Guest Room with a Murphy Cabinet Bed

If you have an extra room in your home, condo, or apartment that you would like to transform into a multifunctional guest room, a Murphy cabinet bed offers great benefits. With a Murphy cabinet bed, you will have a useful, attractive cabinet during the day, and a comfortable, convenient guest room at night for family and friends who come to visit.

A Murphy cabinet bed is a unique and innovative space-saving solution that allows you to turn any room in your home into a guest bedroom. It is perfect for smaller homes or apartments where space is at a premium, and it provides your guests with a comfortable place to sleep without taking up valuable living space.

How to Setup your Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Murphy cabinet bed is extremely easy to use: open the bottom drawer all the way out, making sure you leave enough space for the bed to entirely unfold. Next up: release the latches on both sides of the bed cabinet and pull out the extension from the bottom all the way. Doing so will ensure the mattress is held in place and keeps it elevated above the ground. Finally, flip open the cabinet front once, then again for the bed to be fully extended. Now, unfold and pull out the mattress.

The mattress only takes up 10 feet of space and just minutes to setup! And when not in use, the bed can be easily stored away by folding it back up into the cabinet.

Other Features of a Murphy Cabinet Bed

There are other great features that come with a Murphy cabinet bed. These include convenient drawers that are easily accessible, fold-out night tables on both sides of the bed, USB and 110 outlets, and of course, a super comfortable, cool gel-infused queen mattress. The drawers provide extra storage space for blankets or pillows, so no need for an additional dresser or storage compartment in the room.

Some Murphy cabinet beds also come with a desk to accommodate laptops and shelves for books or other home office necessities.

Choose Your Style and Finish

There are several different styles to choose from, including traditional, contemporary, French country, and coastal. You can also decide on the finish of the bed. Murphy cabinet beds are available in a variety of finishes, as well as colors including brushed driftwood, cherry, dark chocolate, and white wood.

How to Care for Your Murphy Cabinet Bed

Caring for your Murphy cabinet bed is easy! Simply wipe down the bed frame with a damp cloth when necessary. If you have a memory foam topper on the mattress, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care. When not in use, the bed can be stored away in the cabinet.

The Murphy cabinet bed is a great way to save space in your home while still providing your guests with a comfortable place to sleep. Call, email, or stop by Comfort Zone today to preview our selection of space-saving Murphy cabinet beds.