Creative Ways to incorporate a Murphy Bed in your Home

Are you looking for more space in your home but don't want to sacrifice style or comfort? Look no further than the versatile, simple, and space-saving Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is a great way to maximize your small space and maintain an elegant aesthetic. It is also a creative way to completely transform the look of your room with minimal effort and time.

A Little Background

The Murphy Bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy in the late 19th century to use limited urban living spaces better. His innovative design allowed him to quickly open and close his bed, transforming it into something else entirely - such as a closet, desk, or sofa - whenever he had visitors.

Wall Beds

Today's Murphy beds can come in multiple forms. Wall beds are the most popular type folding out into a fully functioning guest bed when needed.

At Comfort Zone, our wall beds easily pull out from the wall into a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Your guests can even use our custom cabinetry for a nightstand. When guests leave, the wall bed can be put back up against the wall, giving your room more floor space for other activities.


Murphy beds also offer convenient storage solutions without taking up extra floor space. Many models come with attached shelves or cabinets that can store clothes, linens, books, toys, and more - without compromising style or comfort. This makes them especially ideal for homes with limited storage solutions. They can even be customized for extra convenience with adjustable shelving units or additional lighting options included in the design.

Fits Your Lifestyle

One of the best things about incorporating a Murphy bed in your home is that it comes in all shapes and sizes - making it perfect for any size home, no matter your lifestyle demands! Of course, the traditional wall bed model is still available and fits snugly into the wall. Still, now modern versions such as horizontal panel styles, wall beds with custom cabinetry, and even platform styles are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want more flexibility when designing their space-saving solutions. So whether you want to upgrade an existing room or create an entirely new setup within your home, there is certainly no shortage of creative ways to incorporate a Murphy bed!

Ultimately, if you want to use every inch of space while maintaining an appealing aesthetic, bringing home a new Murphy bed could be just what you need! With so many customization options available today, it has never been easier (or more stylish) to create practical solutions for maximizing small spaces within any home environment.

Get into Your Comfort Zone

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Contact us today if you need extra space and ideas on incorporating a Murphy bed or other hideaway bed in your room. Our products are very versatile and can work for all ages. So, give us a call or stop in our store to turn your vision into reality. We are happy to help!