How to Upgrade a Garage Bedroom With a Murphy Bed Cabinet

As time goes on your space needs shift. When this happens, it's nice to be able to both repurpose and double-purpose spaces. 

The storage loft above the garage can become a garage apartment with little more than redecoration. The key is to consider what the space needs to do and then add cost and space-saving measures to produce the desired effect.

An old garage loft makes an excellent apartment for older kids, students, or guests. It also makes a fantastic office space, slightly separate from the home while not too separate.

It starts with a key piece of furniture and finishes with your personal touches.

Garage Bedroom Conversion

Converting a garage space to a working bedroom requires you to decide how much space you have and how much is comfortable.

The existing structure of a garage doesn't often leave you the option to expand or add on without serious restructuring.

Fit the Need

The more use a room gets, the more specialized it needs to be. A master bedroom often features only wardrobes and a bed. 

conversely, a children's room often includes a toy and play area and a bed. A student's bedroom contains a desk in addition to the sleeping areas.

A television nook or computer area might exist in any of the above but larger TVs and computers end up in 'computer rooms' and the family living space.

Center the Space

Once you've decided on your particular ratio of office/bedroom/amenities you can start building out. 

Starting with a quality wooden Murphy bed cabinet provides a work surface that also houses the bed during the non-sleep time.

While you might be tempted to place this in the center of the room, it works equally well in a corner or on a side. From there, build out the rest of the furniture going largest to smallest in a spiral. this means a desk or couch next, and then smaller dressers, side tables, and lamps.

Even in a cramped space, working in this way will leave the space usable and prevents issues with moving in objects past others.

Reinforce the Walls

With your furniture in place, you want to consider the soundproofing and ambient tone of the room.

Walls don't need to be empty space. bookshelves, curious, and nooks provide a lot of storage while also providing character and buffering to a room. 

Tie it Together

Picking a theme, be it color or style, helps you find furniture quickly and gives the room a livable feel. The last thing you want is a tossed-together, last scraps effect in a space you offer to others. 

This is where a selection of Murphy chest bed colors and styles comes in.

Get Started

You don't need a garage bedroom to feel like an island or a temporary space. when you select hand-crafted and custom wooden furniture, it speaks about your commitment to comfort.

Maximizing space is affordable and looks great. Check out what our space-saving designs bring to your project.