5 Reasons to Provide a Cabinet Bed When Renting Out a Room

Renting out your vacation home or a room in your home is a great way to earn passive income or help offset costs. More and more people are looking into this opportunity lately thanks to services like Airbnb, even with the pandemic

However, you do need to consider one important thing before you jump in: you need to provide a cabinet bed. 

Here are five reasons why a cabinet bed is essential when learning how to rent out a room. 
representing 5 Reasons to Provide a Cabinet Bed When Renting Out a Room

1. Renters Have a Place to Put Their Stuff

The first reason is the most obvious one. Renters may need a place to place some clothes they brought or other smaller items. A cabinet bed gives your potential renter a place to do that! It is also a great place for renters to place valuables. 

A Murphy bed cabinet, like our Clover one, is great for this. It provides a lot of space for the renter to put their items without taking up too much space in the rental room. This is especially convenient for renters staying for longer periods. 

2. You Save on Space

The rumors are true: Murphy cabinet beds help you save on space! 

A cabinet bed has its storage space underneath or in other convenient locations of the bed. Depending on the model you buy, you can also have a flip-up nightstand, USB outlets, and plenty of space to place stuff on top of it. 

If you don't have any renters, no problem: simply pack up and store the bed when business is slow. There are so many options for what you can do with all of that extra space! With all of this covered, you can then instead focus on room rental decor. 

3. Think About New Room Rental Decor

Using a cabinet bed can help you envision new room rental decor too. Does that idea not seem intuitive? Here are some examples of what you can do.

You can choose a Murphy cabinet bed in different colors to match the aesthetic you are going for in your room. Because it offers more space, you can then add other furniture pieces to your room without worry that the room will feel crowded. 

4. It Is Free-Standing

You do not need to worry about attaching your cabinet bed to a wall or that it will topple over otherwise. The Murphy cabinet bed is designed to be free-standing. 

Because it is free-standing, you can move it as-needed from one room to another too without too much hassle. There is no installation needed either! 

5. The Mattress Is Comfortable

The mattress for a cabinet bed is more comfortable than most might think. In fact, most Murphy cabinet beds have memory foam mattresses. This makes them more ideal than air mattresses or sofa sleepers. 

Your renter will be in paradise for their short-term stay! 

Buy a Cabinet Bed Today

It's true: there are only benefits to buying a cabinet bed. Buy one today to step up your room rental game! 

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