5 Reasons to Invest in a Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet

As recently as 2018, home offices were on a downward trend. Fast forward to 2021 and a majority of the workforce is working from home. Now that you've turned that guest bedroom into a home office, what are you going to do? 

Enter the Murphy Bed. The Murphy Bed, first named the Disappearing Bed by its inventor, gives homeowners and apartment dwellers a way to optimize their space. 

If you are considering getting a bed cabinet for your room, you may want to consider a queen-sized bed cabinet. After all, most people are used to sleeping in large beds. Keep reading to learn the reasons you may want to invest in a queen Murphy bed cabinet.

king Murphy bed cabinet

1. Extra Storage Space 

With different bed cabinet sizes, you can take advantage of the extra storage space a queen Murphy bed cabinet provides. The top of the cabinet doesn't move, so you can use it as a tv stand or a place to put the family photos.

The drawer space is great to store office supplies or bedding or can be utilized by your overnight guests.  

2. Gives a Room Dual Purpose 

Do you need your spare room for a home office, craft room, exercise room, or workspace but also need a place for guests? A queen Murphy bed cabinet gives your room the ability to be both. 

Turn your spare bedroom into a guest room/office. These very stylish cabinets keep the bed hidden and are easy to open up when needed. Your spare room is now usable even when you aren't entertaining overnight guests. 

3. Space Saving 

Compared to the amount of square footage a bed takes up, these cabinets give you a lot of extra space. You can add a desk, a stationary bike, etc., and still have room for the bed when needed. 

4. Customizable 

What kind of style is your home? Whether you prefer modern, farmhouse, French country, or any other type of decor, there's a bed cabinet material to fit your style and needs. 

Besides the style, you can choose the firmness and material of the mattress. Bonus: you don't need a box spring. 

5. Roomy in a Small Space 

You can fit a lot of bed in a queen Murphy bed cabinet and still have space in the room for other things. These compact cabinets are great for any room in your home. Your den, family room, or bonus room can turn into a guest room when you need more sleeping options for guests. 

The bed goes back into the chest by day and becomes a bed in a matter of seconds by night.  

Queen Murphy Bed Cabinet 

Now that you know the reasons to invest in a queen Murphy bed cabinet, are you ready to update your room or apartment? Whether you're putting it in a guest room or using it yourself, it's a great choice for a cramped space. 

No matter your bed cabinet budget, we can help you find the right solution for your living space. We specialize in Hide Away Bedding Systems. Check out our full catalog today