5 Need-to-Know Storage Tips for Home Owners

Having clutter around your home can be offputting to your guests, distracting to you and your family, and even be a safety hazard. What can you do if you just don't have the space for all of your stuff?

If you don't live in an expansive mansion, chances are you've been looking for ways to keep the messiness in check. Fortunately, there are some helpful storage tips you can follow to create more room in your home. 

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Simple Storage Tips

Utilizing storage space can make a huge difference in your house or apartment. Having an organized home gives you more functionality and makes it look fantastic. 

So, wondering how to get organized? Here are 5 useful tips to help you make the most of the space you have.

1. Use Floating Shelves 

While you may not have the floor space you dream of, you can make use of your walls to expand your storage. Blank walls can be used as storage with floating shelves and bookshelves.

Use decorative bins to keep unsightly knick-knacks from view and add a little color to your walls in the process.

2. Take Advantage of Stairs

If your home doesn't already make use of the area underneath your stairs, this can be a great place to add more storage space. If the area is open, you can build shelves or a closet to make more room for the things you don't use every day. 

3. Add a Murphy Cabinet Bed

Another great way to create more space is to add a murphy bed cabinet to spare guest rooms. These are a more upscale version of the murphy beds that pull out of your wall. You can choose from decorative cabinets that fold out into a queen-size bed.

It's nice to have a spare room for when guests are in town, but when they aren't visiting, you want to be able to use the room for you and your family.

4. Make Friends With Hooks

You don't have to go crazy hanging hooks everywhere to be effective. Thoughtfully using decorative hooks for hanging your things can clear more space and look great when decorating an apartment.

Consider hanging pots and pans from a pot rack or a pegboard in your kitchen. You can also make use of hooks on the back of doors, in your entryway, and just about anywhere there is unused wall space.

5. Buy a Futon With Storage

A lot of people use futons as a way to have more space during the day and have somewhere to sleep at night. Fortunately, some futons also come with extra storage compartments underneath, giving you more space to store things. 

Start Making Space for Your Life

If you follow these storage tips and tricks, you'll have more room, more sanity, and more places to keep your things. Get a jump on things today and make your life easier.

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