5 Bedroom Spacing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Your bedroom should be a space for relaxation and comfort. When your bedroom feels small and cramped that is sometimes all you can think about when you're in it. 

Making a room feel less small seems impossible when you don't know where to start. You may not know what is making it appear so crowded. 

Making proper space for your bedroom requires knowing what can hinder your progress.

Keep reading to find out about some bedroom spacing errors and how to avoid them.

bedroom spacing errors

1. Lots of Clutter

Your cool knick-knacks and family heirlooms should be displayed! But, beware of placing them haphazardly. Randomly placed objects, no matter how pretty, will always look cluttered

When you have a lot of smaller items you want to display try putting them together on a tray. You can also separate them into groups and place them in the same area based on color, size or, type. 

2. Voluminous Curtains

Curtains can often be looked over when designing a room. When you are working with a small space, do not buy dark, thick, bulky curtains. This will only make the room feel smaller

For maximum appeal, go for thinner lightly colored curtains. This will allow more natural light and take up less room. 

Maybe you think you need blackout curtains for those bright mornings when you want to sleep in. We get it! Instead of your average black-out curtain though, try a combination of chic, functional curtains to do the job. 

3. Poor Lighting

A poorly lit bedroom will almost always feel smaller than it is. Lucky bedroom spacing errors like this are normally an easy fix. Sheer and light-colored curtains are one way to fix the problem, but here are a few more. 

  • Strategically placed lamps
  • Change out your light bulbs
  • Find a new overhead light fixture or add more
  • Move any furniture away from windows
  • Add a mirror or two to reflect light

There is always something you can do to allow more light into your room. Play around with natural light and artificial light to create a space that feels the most welcoming. 

4. Ugly Storage

Finding cute and functional storage options is one of those tasks that feel impossible. Whether you are trying to store something large or small, you can find something that works. 

Under-the-bed storage is a great choice for stuff that you don't use often like bulky snow gear or shoes you only wear a couple of times a year. You can normally find flat storage boxes with wheels with a simple internet search. 

Stylish baskets are a way to fill up space on shelves while functioning as storage for your stuff. This is awesome for those little things that you don't need out in the open like extra chargers or thick socks. 

5. Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture is a tough problem to avoid. You need certain pieces of furniture in a bedroom like a dresser, a desk, and a bed. Space for furniture like this is not always easy to come by.

One of these things has an easy answer. A murphy cabinet bed has been a popular choice for many looking for space-saving bedroom furniture. 

If you don't know what a murphy cabinet bed is, it's a type of bed that can be folded up or into a cabinet. This saves a great amount of space in a small bedroom while making it look less cluttered. 

There are some great murphy cabinet beds on the market right now made of gorgeous solid wood. Solid wood stays nicer longer and becomes a beautiful piece for any room. 

Avoiding Bedroom Spacing Errors

Trying to implement solutions may be difficult at first, but keep going! When you have space you can live comfortably in you will be happier. 

More storage, more lighting, or a solid wood murphy cabinet bed might be your answer to get more space in bedrooms. 

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