Blue Magic Waterbed Care 8oz Waterbed Conditioner

Blue Magic Waterbed Care 8oz Waterbed Conditioner

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Blue Magic Waterbed Care Solution

Here is our Blue Magic Waterbed Care Solution. This special formulated product is the ideal all-purpose cleaner for your waterbed. In fact, our Blue Magic Waterbed Care Conditioner is made for controlling the growth of bacteria found inside most, if not all waterbeds.

Our Conditioner solution will extend the life of the vinyl and fiber inside your waterbed when applied correctly. However, without our product, your waterbed may tend to get dry and crack. Plus, consider the awful smell that will come from a waterbed without our solution.  


This solution is the complete time-released protection in fiber, foam and baffle watermattresses. InnoMax – Blue Magic: Total flotation care and maintenance made easy. Everything you need to fill, drain, care and maintain your watermattress! Each 8 ounce bottle is able to treat your waterbed mattress for up to one year, depending on the size and type of mattress you have. 

One important thing to note is if you are using well water, you may want to double to triple the amount of Conditioner Solution. This is because there is more potential for bacteria and active matter in untreated well water. 


Some of the many benefits of buying our Blue Magic Waterbed Care Solution is that you don't have to worry about your waterbed smelling, getting dry or cracking. In addition, other benefits include controlling odor-causing, slime forming bacteria and protecting the vinyl, fiber and foam of your mattress.

This one step time releasing formula is perfect for all types of waterbeds. Lastly, our product has the benefit of having inner foil safety and child resistant safety cap features. 

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