Murphy Bed Cabinets - $400 Instant Rebate
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Murphy Bed Cabinets

Our Murphy Bed Cabinets are one of our premium products and here's why: they are a cabinet during the day and a bed at night. This beats the traditional pull out mattress. Our Murphy bed Cabinets come in a wide variety of finishes, colors and styles. For example, our Clover Murphy Chest model comes in bright cherry, dark chocolate, and white. In addition, our Daisy Murphy Chest model comes in distressed buttercream for you to achieve a French country chic look. 



We also offer different colors of our Sagebrush Murphy Chest Bed, such as dark chocolate and stone wash. Another style we offer is our Poppy Murphy Chest Bed. These are a customer favorite and come in the following colors: brushed driftwood, white bark, and Skye blue. As you can see, we have all of the colors and styles you need to match the rest of the furniture in your home. 



How Murphy Bed Cabinets Work:


How can something be a cabinet and a bed at the same time? Let us explain. The bed's mattress folds in three ways within the cabinet, leaving you or your guests with a comfortable place to sleep without any metal bars. 



Here are the steps to convert our Murphy Bed Cabinet into a functioning bed. First, you open the bottom drawer all the way out. When you do this, leave enough space for the bed to unfold completely. Next, you release the latches on both sides of the bed cabinet. Then you pull out the extension from the bottom all the way. This holds the mattress in place and keeps it elevated above the ground. Then you flip open the cabinet front once, then again for the bed to be fully extended. After that, you unfold and pull out the mattress. 



Other Benefits


There are benefits to having one of our Murphy Bed Cabinets. Our new features include having a foldout night table tray on both sides of your Murphy Chest. Plus, there are two USB and two 110v outlets on the other side of the tray. Ideal for charging your phone and other devices while you sleep! This product is truly unique and extremely beneficial. Consider buying one or at least taking a look at it inside our store.
Unpacking and Assembly