Clover Queen Size Murphy Cabinet Bed 

COST: $2,997
SALE: $2,597

Finishes: Cherry,  Chocolate or White
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A cabinet during the day and a bed at night. This beats the traditional pull out mattress. Choose the popular Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed in either bright cherry or dark chocolate to match your décor.

You won’t believe how convenient and stylish this bed is! Converts from a stylish cabinet, to an instant and comfortable bed in less than one minute.

When closed this bed takes up only 10 square feet of floor space. No need to attach this murphy cabinet bed to the wall, as it is a free-standing piece of furniture.

Clover Murphy Beds

Your choice of finishes:  Cherry, Chocolate or White


Solid Hardwood Construction

Tri-Fold Premium Mattress

No wall installation needed

Large rolling storage drawer

Built-in Dual Power/USB


A great space-saving solution

Great for apartments, condominiums, or rooms that need to be multi-functional

A Murphy Cabinet Bed turns any room into a bedroom

Get more use out of your living space

Matress Options:

Standard Mattress: 3 year-warranty
Level 2 mattress - 6” trifold mattress
1” of memory foam with a white cotton cover.

Upgraded Mattress: 10 year-warranty
Thicker memory foam on one side.
Flip side has a higher resolution foam that’s firmer, for soft or firm optoins.
Upgraded bamboo fabric on both sides. 

Clover - Murphy Bed Cabinet - Cherry, Chocolate & White

Image Guarantee

Sale Price - $2597

Original Price - $2997

Upgraded Mattress - $600

Murphy Cabinet: Limited 10-year warranty.

Standard Mattress: 3 year-warranty
The level 2 mattress included is a 6” trifold mattress that has 1” of memory foam on the top with a white cotton cover.

Upgraded Mattress: 10 year-warranty
This mattress comes with a thicker memory foam on one side for the plusher feel and if you flip the mattress the other side has a higher resolution foam that’s firmer, so you can have a soft or firm side, with an upgraded bamboo fabric on both sides. This mattress option comes with a 10 year warranty.
Cherry Murphy Bed Cabinet - $2597
Chocolate Murphy Bed Cabinet - $2597
White Murphy Bed Cabinet - $2597
Cherry with Upgraded 6.5” Bamboo Mattress - $3197
Chocolate with Upgraded 6.5” Bamboo Mattress - $3197
White with Upgraded 6.5” Bamboo Mattress - $3197
Dimensions: Queen Murphy Cabinet Bed

63.5” W x 23.7” D x 41.1” H - Open: 83.1”L