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Do you need Waterbed care? You have come to the right place. Our Waterbed Accessories vary from Waterbed Conditioner to Watermattresses, Frame Free and even Waterbed Heaters. It's always best to keep your Waterbed clean and healthy with our products. By applying these to your waterbed frequently, you can make your waterbed last years longer.



Why You Need Our Waterbed Accessories


You might be thinking why you need our Accessories in the first place, and here's why...



Without maintaining the quality of your Waterbed, it can easily build up unwanted odor, algae and bacteria. This is where our Blue Magic Waterbed Care Conditioner comes into play. This product helps remove the gases from the water and keeps your mattress fresh. In fact, Blue Magic has been used in maintaining the quality of waterbeds in the United States since 1978. 



Our other Waterbed Accessories are very useful as well. For example, our Waterbed Fill and Drain Kit includes a faucet adaptor, perfect union, super siphon and a four oz bottle of Standard Conditioner. It makes draining and maintenance easy for anyone. 



Your Watermattress Options


Even our different types of Watermattresses can improve your sleeping experience. For example, our Genesis 900 DXF Watermattress has a 12-layer total mid-body support system, molded conch shell and a 20 year limited warranty. This product comes in queen and king sizes. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, consider our Genesis 500 ST Watermattress. This one has a 3-layer motion control with mid-body support, four-way corner tethered support system as well as a 20-year limited warranty. 



View our many Accessories to determine what fits your needs the best. If you are unsure where to start, let our sales representatives assist you. Our experience and expertise with Waterbeds can guide you to make the right decision. Simply stop by our store or give us a call if you have any questions about our Waterbed Accessories. 

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