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A new bed can really change your life. This is because a new bed can provide you with a better night's sleep while giving you more energy to tackle your day. When looking for a new bed, you want something more than just an average bed.

That's where we come in. We have Platform Beds available with extra storage, headboard options and more. Continue reading to learn more about your Platform Bed options...

Platform Bed Options

We have several different styles, colors and variations of our Platform Beds. For example, we have our Thyme model that has a shorter headboard. On the other hand, we have beds with larger headboards such as our Tarragon, Tamarind, and Solstice models.

Do you wish for a softer headboard made of fabric instead of wood? Then you should check out our Paprika - Spices Bedroom Collection. The Paprika model headboard comes in gray, charcoal, cherry and teal fabrics. Not the biggest fan of headboards? Our Basic - Spices Bedroom Collection would be perfect for you. 

Extra Storage Options

Not only do we have a wide variety of headboard styles, but also we have options with extra storage options. In fact, our Nutmeg - Spices Bedroom Collection has built-in shelves on the bottom of the bed. Plus, this model can also have a built-in nightstand.

Our Black pepper - Spices Bedroom Collection has a built-in footboard which can be adjustable depending on your needs. If you are still concerned about your storage and floor space, then consider getting one of our Wallbeds or Murphy Cabinet Beds. These have easy assembly and can give you your much needed space. 

Looking for two beds in one? Consider getting one of our Platform beds which can have an extra mattress in replacement of your storage space. This can be great for a children's room when they have friends over. Browse our collection to find what you like the best!

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