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Are you having trouble sleeping? One of our Waterbeds can help! Here at Comfort Zone Shop, we have a great selection of Waterbeds. For example, we have our Medallion Soft Side Waterbed, the Waterbed - Luxury Support Edition and the Waterbed - Comfort Craft. Each one is equipped with cooling technologies which will help keep you comfortable during the night. Our Waterbeds are top-notch and built to last.



Our Medallion Soft Side option even has a 3-D Euro-style super pillow top which is breathable and very soft. Plus, this product can be converted depending on your sleeping needs. For instance, when you are ready for a change in comfort you can choose air support, innocoil support, fluid support, latex support, or memory-cell support. It truly matches your sleeping preference and can be interchangeable. It's a great product to consider if you want to try something new. 



Why Purchase a Waterbed?


Did you know waterbeds actually provide you with health benefits? The key is that with waterbeds, there are fewer pressure points throughout your body. In fact, this means it can help those who toss and turn frequently in the middle of the night. Another health benefit is that it can help arthritis. This is because your body weight is distributed evenly across the bed which relieves pressure on your joints and inflamed muscles. 



Not only do our Waterbeds relieve your pressure points, but they also improve your circulation. This is because the heat from them helps with proper blood circulation.



One of the biggest benefits of getting a Waterbed is that it greatly improves the quality of sleep for those confined to a bed or a wheelchair. Those who are confined often suffer from bedsores because of extra pressure on specific parts of the body.



Also, Waterbeds can prevent the formation of decubitus ulcers, which is common among those who are unfortunately confined. If you have ulcers and/or confined and switch to a waterbed, expect rapid healing. In fact, some studies even show that patients who switch heal three times faster than without the use of the water surface. Nothing should be stopping you from getting one!

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  • The Medallion Soft Side Waterbed
    The Medallion Soft Side Waterbed
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  • Waterbed - Luxury Support Edition
    Waterbed - Luxury Support Edition
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  • Waterbed - Comfort Craft
    Waterbed - Comfort Craft
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